NYS Senate Graduate Fellowship Program extended until May 14.

The NYS Senate Graduate Fellowship Program. The deadline has been extended until May 14.

Applicants must have completed graduate studies at an accredited university prior to the beginning of the fellowship. Fellows work full-time and are expected to function as a regular staff member. The Senate Fellows stipend is $40,000 in addition to employee benefits. Fellows are not Senate employees for the purpose of accruing sick leave, vacation time or personal leave, but are instead enrollees of student programs under the authority of the Secretary of the Senate.

Because we are beyond the regular deadline, I suggest interested students alert Program Director Nicholas Parrella at Tel: (518) 455-2611 or E-mail: students@nysenate.gov of their intention to apply ASAP. He is a great supporter of CUNY participation and can answer questions and facilitate the application process for students.





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