Joseph S. Murphy Institute Scholarship for Diversity in Labor (Deadline: 2/19/19)

The period is now open to file an application for the Joseph S. Murphy Institute Scholarship for Diversity in Labor for Fall 2019 admission. Well qualified candidates should be encouraged to apply. The two-year Scholarship offers students enrolled on the graduate track up to $30,000 and, those enrolled on the undergraduate track up to $20,000.


Applying for the Diversity Scholarship is a two-step process. The first step is to apply and be accepted to an academic program by the deadline date indicated below. Graduate candidates must be first-time applicants, accepted to the MA in Labor Studies program (MALS). Contact Rob Callaghan at Rob.Callaghan@slu.cuny.edu At the baccalaureate level, candidates must be accepted to, or currently enrolled in the Urban and Community Studies program. Contact Cherise Mullings at Cherise.Mullings@slu.cuny.edu

Following successful acceptance to the academic program of their choice, candidates may be considered for the Diversity Scholarship after submission of a completed Scholarship application by the deadline date, which is also indicated below. Candidates may complete the academic program and Scholarship applications simultaneously, but must be accepted to the academic program before they can be considered for the Diversity Scholarship.


Recruitment and Outreach Efforts:

Rose Imperato, Coord. Special Project 

Two major outreach efforts were recently undertaken for the 2019 recruitment period. The first, on 12/27/18 the Diversity Scholarship Team shot a video podcast for CUNY-TV.

Stacey Payton, (MA ‘2017) a Diversity Scholar Alumnus,  discussed the MALS program and the opportunities that have opened up to her as a result of receiving the scholarship. The video podcast is airing periodically on CUNY-TV through 2/19/19. Check it out here.

Dr. Janet Leslie, Coord. Diversity Scholarship    

The second major recruitment and outreach activity centered around, a Diversity Scholarship Information Open House, which was held on 1/16/19. Nicolas Pineda Jr, (BA ‘2019) (pictured above) spoke eloquently about his 21-year journey toward his undergraduate degree, which he will receive at the end of the Spring 2019 term.                                


Well-qualified prospective candidates should contact Dr. Janet Leslie, Coordinator, Diversity Scholarship Program at janet[dot]leslie[at]slu[dot]cuny[dot]edu or (212) 642-2083


Academic Program Application:

Tuesday 2/19/19 – Early admission deadline for completion of the Academic program application. Including receipt by CUNY- SLU of all supporting admission application documentation.

Diversity Scholarship Application:

Tuesday 3/19/19 – Deadline for completion of the Diversity Scholarship application.   Including receipt by CUNY-SLU of all supporting scholarship application documentation.