Murphy’s Advancing the Field of Labor Relations Program seeks to broaden and strengthen communications and exchanges between China and U.S. universities and unions. is an English-Chinese bilingual website, developed by Murphy’s Advancing the Field of Labor Relations Program to serve as a hub of resources for both academics and practitioners in the field of Labor Relations. More than five hundred searchable bilingual bibliographies, contract languages, training materials, relevant Labor Relations articles and U.S.-China comparative curriculum materials for the study of labor relations have been posted and shared in our website. Find it on our resource page.

The website also includes “Labor in the News”, featuring news from the labor field in the U.S., China, and worldwide on a weekly basis. To further this unique comparative perspective, the team also tweets these updates via Chinese social media, Weibo, to interact with our Chinese audience directly.

The Advancing the Field of Labor Relations Program seeks to sharpen the skills, effectiveness, and voice of labor in the U.S.-China comparative field of labor relations by providing lectures, workshops, and exchange programs. In the “Project Insider” section, you can learn more details. We engage a broad range of participants – scholars and researchers, union leaders and workers, labor attorneys and advocates, and government officials and policy makers. The materials used at these programs are available in the site’s “Workshop” section.

For more information about this project, or to inquire about posting your materials to the site, please send an e-mail to: