Research Assistant, Create Forward (P/T, Temporary)

Research Assistant (2-month contract)

Term: March-May


Support the Create Forward team with a series of short-term community development research assignments necessary for the completion of client projects.


Research assignments include:


  1. Community Development Research
  • Complete historical analysis of trends related to social and racial equity in a particular neighborhood
  • Analyze asset maps and fill in any gaps in the asset maps to understand what resources currently exist
  • Contextualize feedback received from resident interviews using supporting data


  1. Case Study Development
  • Developing a literature review of relevant content in the field of community and community development
  • Conducting interviews to understand the impact of programmatic strategies
  • Contextualizing impact interviews using theoretic research as supporting evidence
  • Analyzing evaluation data
  • Drafting case studies based on the above content


  1. Conduct Landscape Analysis
  • Compile and analyze industry trends
  • Gather demographic info
  • Competitor research


The ideal candidate possesses the following skills:

  • Strong background in qualitative and quantitative research
  • Ability to interpret data sets
  • Strong writing skills
  • Organized
  • Ability to work independently
  • Background in organizational development and/or community development


This is a contracted position for a term of two months with the potential for future assignments.  Pay rate is $18 per hr. for a total of 10-hrs. per week.


How to Apply:


Submit a cover letter, resume, and a 2-3 page work sample that demonstrates writing and research experience to piper@create-forward.com.

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