CommonWise Hiring for 4 Positions (Bronx, NY)

CommonWise Education, Inc. (CommonWise) convenes and operates the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI), whose mission is to end generational poverty in the Bronx through shared wealth and democratic ownership.

Based on a framework of economic democracy, BCDI leverages existing Bronx assets to address economic , social, and environmental challenges within the borough, and supports collective ownership models in order to distribute wealth and decision-making equitably and broadly among Bronx residents. With its partners, BCDI pursues three major lines of work:

1. Establishing a Community Enterprise Network that unites community and labor organizations, anchor institutions, and small businesses in order to plan and implement an inclusive and sustainable economy in the Bronx.
2. Building the long-term infrastructure to support economic democracy in the Bronx
3. Coordinating short-impact projects focused on health, energy, manufacturing, and development with our partners in order to increase community health, environmental sustainability, job creation and prevent displacement for Bronx residents.

CommonWise is currently hiring for the following positions: