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Alumni Achievement: Mia Ragozino, Union Organizer

On January 28th, following 10 months of failed negotiations, nearly 8,000 employees of Swedish Health Services, all members of SEIU 1199 Northwest—a union representing more than 30,000 nurses and healthcare workers throughout Washington State and Montana—walked out on a three-day strike. Right there on the picket lines with them was SLU alumna Mia Ragozino.

Ragozino, who earned her Masters in Labor Studies in 2019, recently joined SEIU 1199NW as an organizer. “SEIU 1199 was a good fit for me,” said Mia. “It’s an organizing union with a racial justice lens and a concernfor workers’ safety.” She said the strike was a last resort in the union’s fight for not just fair compensation, but for adequate staffing and patient safety. “Since corporate giant Providence took over the Swedish healthcare system, management has prioritized profits and executive pay over patients’ needs and workers’ rights.” She noted that three presidential candidates had tweeted in support of the walk-out, including Senators Sanders, Warren, and Pete Buttigieg.
Mia says her learning experiences at SLU prepared her well for her current role. “SLU prioritizes the education of people and workers of color. And learning about the history of the labor movement was a huge eye-opener for me.” After SLU, Mia attended Cornell ILR’s summer institute for strategic corporate research. While there, she learned about the job with SEIU 1199NW.
Mia credits Professor Stephanie Luce with not only inspiring her, but for recommending her for the position in Seattle. “She was a role model for me,” said Mia, “and she helped me get started in the career I always wanted to pursue. It all came together at SLU.”
Professor Luce returned the compliment: “It was a joy to have Mia as a student,” she said. “Her energy and passion for social justice inspired other students as well as me. Given her sharp mind and research skills, SEIU 1199NW is lucky to have her!”
Read more about the SEIU 1199 healthcare workers’ strike here.

SEIU Hiring Research Coordinator

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The position is responsible for leading the work of research teams assigned to major union or Division campaigns and programs.   The Research Coordinator II is responsible for supervising International and/or Local research staff and working with International structures and appropriate Locals to develop the research capacity, methods, strategies and tools to support these campaigns and programs, and to recruit, train and develop International and Local research staff.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: (Any one position may not include all of the specific duties and responsibilities listed.  Examples provide a general summary of the work required and should not be treated as a total and complete list of expected duties to be performed by employees in the classification.)

  • Recruits, trains, evaluates, supervises and supports the work of research staff assigned to major division and union campaigns and programs;  provide leadership to research staff, both international and local and assure that plans and work assignments are consistent with the organizing, political, mobilization and campaign goals of SEIU.
  • Works with International Union Headquarters-based research staff in the development of effective national organizing, political and other priority campaigns.
  • Provides ongoing support to the union leads on the union and division campaigns and programs.
  • Assists with the direct implementation of national programs and mobilizations that support these union and division campaigns and programs,  including working with leaders and union staff to develop organizing and mobilization strategies.
  • Assists in the creation of Local union research networks that support the development of long-term capacity and campaign work in the Local unions.
  • Provides research assistance to SEIU State councils for legislation, regulations and other political activity.
  • Provides policy/funding analysis to support campaign strategies.
  • Provides education and training of International and Local staff on policy and industry issues related to the campaigns and programs of SEIU.
  • Works with employers and industry officials on policy issues
  • Performs other duties as assigned in support of the work of the department.


Elected leadership; local union leaders; and staff and members; International Union staff and officers.  CTW staff; state federation and central labor council leaders and staff; staff of other unions; public officials; and key staff; leaders and counterparts in targeted industries and employers; and leaders of other organizations who work with SEIU.

Direction and Decision Making:

Manage at own initiative, independent of all but necessary supervision by the Research Director/Deputy Research Director as appropriate.

Education and Experience:

Bachelors degree in labor relations or a combination of experience and education that will allow for the development of research/campaign support which support SEIU goals and objectives.

Physical Requirements:

Work is generally performed in an office setting, but may be required to work in other settings conducive to performing the tasks required to complete assignments. Or field work.  Travel and long and extended hours required.

Application Requirements:

A resume and cover letter are required for all applications.  Your cover letter should explain your reason for wanting to work for SEIU, an example of how you demonstrated success in a similar position and a description of how this position fits into your long-term career plan.


SEIU staff enjoy top notch benefits including comprehensive health benefits, major medical, dental and vision for employee and eligible dependents, domestic partner benefits, competitive salaries, generous holiday and vacation policies, and both a pension plan and a 401(K) Plan.

SEIU is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Apply Here: http://www.Click2apply.net/w9gny5cc28

Prof. Stephanie Luce Explores the Higher Wages Movement

By Michael Murphy

On April 15, protesters in New York City and across the United States engaged in a coordinated demonstration to highlight the problem of low wages for workers in the fast-food industry. This issue has resonated with workers who have seen their pay diverge in real terms from the cost of living. The “Fight for $15 on 4/15” protests brought workers together with allies in the community and organized labor in what has become a dynamic social movement. Yet the origins of this stark decline in purchasing power for workers can be found several decades ago. Why has this social movement for change emerged in recent years to place higher wages on the local and national political agenda?

In the forthcoming Spring 2015 issue of New Labor Forum, Murphy Institute Professor of Labor Studies Stephanie Luce explores the origins and influence of this movement. Continue reading Prof. Stephanie Luce Explores the Higher Wages Movement

What does the Harris v. Quinn decision mean for home care workers?

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Harris v. Quinn last month, some have questioned the future of home care worker organizing. The ruling stated that unions cannot require home care workers who choose not to be represented by the union to pay fees. According to a recent article in Portside by Dave Jamieson, however, the SEIU is showing no signs of slowing down in its efforts to organize:

Jamieson writes:

After being dealt a major setback by the Supreme Court just two weeks ago, the Service Employees International Union is plowing ahead in its efforts to organize home care workers, filing a petition Tuesday for what could be one of the largest union elections in Minnesota history.

According to SEIU, the election would cover an estimated 26,000 Medicaid-funded home care workers in the state who assist the elderly and people with disabilities. Under a hotly debated law passed last year, unions in Minnesota are allowed to organize day care and home care workers who work in clients’ homes and are paid in part through the federal health care program.

For the full article, visit Portside.

Photo by Jeff Kubina via flickr (CC-BY-SA).



Summary:  Maine State Employees Association, SEIU Local 1989 is seeking to hire an experienced union professional to expand a strategic and aggressive organizing effort in Maine.

Description:  MSEA-SEIU Local 1989 represents roughly 15,000 public and private sector workers across Maine. We are committed to fundamentally changing the conditions for workers throughout Maine by organizing a variety of private and public sector workers statewide.

SEIU – Field Researcher Low Wage Worker Campaign

Location:  Los Angeles

Purpose:  To represent and assist the International Union in field research; to take responsibility for campaign research and analysis of date and reporting to campaign staff.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Field Researcher performs a wide range of duties related to the research support for all stages of organizing and/or contract campaigns.

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