Goodwill Advance Bronx & Manhattan Employment Placement and Career Advancement for People on the Autism Spectrum

Goodwill Advance is specifically tailored to the task of connecting people on the Autism Spectrum to opportunities for both employment placement and career advancement – through assessment, instruction, career discovery, site development, and job coaching – limited to one year of services per person.

For eligible Bronx and Manhattan residents on the Autism Spectrum who DO NOT qualify for OPWDD services and desire employment at no-cost to the participant:

▪ Individualized Vocational Assessment
▪ Exploration of individual’s interests, abilities, and experience resulting in Customized Job Development and Placement
▪ Job Readiness Workshops and Training
▪ Resume Building and Interviewing Skills
▪ Social/Interpersonal Skills Building
▪ Travel Training and Safety
▪ Networking and Community Support
▪ Continuing Job Coaching and Supports after Employment

Currently, we are providing services remotely, onsite and in participants community, depending on their choice.  For those receiving services onsite and, in the community, we provide transportation reimbursements for their convenience.

To schedule an enrollment interview, please contact:
Celina Cavalluzzi
Director of Day Services
P: (718) 777-6435
F: (718) 777-6438