Program Coordinator, Capital Strategies Program, Transform Finance, New York City

Transform Finance is a non-profit organization working at the intersection of social justice and capital. We support investors who are committed to aligning their practice with social justice values via education and research, the development of innovative investment strategies and tools, and overall guidance. We empower activists and community leaders to shape how capital flows affect them – both in terms of holding capital accountable and having a say in its deployment – through trainings that demystify finance and advisory support for organizing strategies that influence capital.

The Capital Strategies Program is the organization’s flagship program with grassroots organizations and movement partners. It focuses on educating and enfranchising activists, organizers and other social justice actors to influence capital via capital strategies — actions and campaigns that seek to better the lives of marginalized communities through means such as pressuring financial players to change their behavior, developing nuanced investment frameworks with aligned partners, and developing alternative financial models and tools.

We do this through the following programs:

The Institute for Social Justice Leaders: a training for organizers and activists who are interested in learning how finance affects social justice, gaining a basic understanding of the financial world, and exploring how to engage with it.

The Local Institutes: a place-based engagement to explore local capital strategies with a group of local leaders and aligned partners like community foundations and Community Development Financial

The Transform Finance Cohort on Worker Justice: a prolonged intensive with a small group of worker justice organizations to conceive, develop, and launch capital strategies with the support of aligned investor coaches.

The Program Coordinator will work primarily on the Capital Strategies Program and report directly to the Capital Strategies Program Director. As a core member of a small organization, the Program Coordinator will also interact regularly with other staff and will be exposed to the organization’s array of interesting projects.

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