DAWI Seeks Metrics & Impact Analyst

Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) seeks an energetic, experienced, self-directed and collaborative person to join our dynamic national organization supporting the expansion of democratic employee ownership. The Metrics and Impact Analyst will lead DAWI’s work to collect, track, analyze and communicate data on the growing field of worker ownership. We are seeking someone with a librarian’s desire to bring order to the world, the discipline to commit to repetitive tasks, and a field of vision broad enough to see the end user.

About the Job

The Metrics and Impact Analyst will gather, maintain and analyze strategic data for DAWI and the field. This position is the critical next step in a growing organization and field, and will support taking our work and our impact to the next level.

The relatively young field of employee ownership is exploding, with the passage of new federal legislation, policy and funding developments in cities across the country, new investments, a growing community of practitioners, and broadening public appeal as a strategy to address inequality.  Democracy at Work Institute is helping both drive and track this growth, and data is a key part of the expansion. As a convening organization, our work (and our data) is often at the center of the action, and we work in close collaboration with several partners. DAWI collects and stores much of the field’s data on worker cooperatives, cooperative development and impacts. In short, we sit on a rich trove of data and data to-be, and we need someone who can think critically and creatively about its use.

This is a newly-created position, with potential to shape the field for the long term, as you help DAWI and our partners understand our impact, communicate it, and achieve even more. You will be stepping into a strong infrastructure and building it out to support and sustain field-wide growth. We are most interested in hiring a well-rounded person who understands data, systems, people, and political context. This position calls for a systems thinker who is both meticulous and innovative, and who holds the practical use of data highest in mind. You will be  maintaining existing datasets and designing new data collection systems; reporting and assessing; and working with DAWI staff and allies to make use of data in their work.

Essential Job Functions:

Maintain and build out DAWI’s program data (45%)
Knit together DAWI’s various data tracking systems and build systems across programs. Assess which tools are best and migrate data as needed. Maintain and improve:

  • Foundational datasets: Supervise administration and analysis of enterprise census, individual worker census, and cooperative developer impact data.
  • Collaborative datasets: Support collection of Workers to Owners Collaborative partner data on the nationwide employee ownership conversions pipeline.
  • NYC Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative data: As the “backbone partner” track partners’ progress to goals, support City staff to report impacts, and develop/track additional success metrics for WCBDI partners; supervise entry of DAWI deliverables in NYC’s Small Business Services CRM.
  • DAWI online resource libraries: organize and maintain resources at institute.coop, our library of local policies, and others as they come online.

Analyze and communicate impact (20%)
Work with DAWI staff, leadership and field partners to:

  • Analyze DAWI program data for shaping programs and feeding back to partners. Frame questions and design/collection considerations on the front end. Help detect strategy-informing patterns on the back end.
  • Analyze field data that DAWI gathers and maintains, support developing field strategy, and communicating impact publicly.
  • Share and communicate data, potentially including supporting data visualization.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate impact metrics (10%)
  • Work with program staff and partners to develop and track a standard set of impact metrics for the field.
  • Support KPI tracking in DAWI’s programs, which includes implementation of field-wide metrics as well as DAWI-specific metrics.
  • Consult with and advise partners on design of data tracking and information systems.

Manage operational data for DAWI (10%)

  • Perform basic CiviCRM database management and security functions, with some support from the website host and database developers.
  • Oversee and perform input, import, deduping/merging and export of contacts, activities, and events in the database.
  • Design and make revisions to DAWI’s data model/database structure as necessary.
  • Make updates to and create new views and webforms as necessary.
  • Coordinate DAWI staff “data leaders” to support accurate and complete data entry and engagement with the database.
  • Coordinate data sharing between DAWI and USFWC.

Strategic research support (5%)

  • As capacity and interest allows, collaborate with DAWI staff and/or contract researchers to conduct strategic research.

Administration and Organizational Development (10%)

  • Support effective operations and administrative systems, as all DAWI staff does.
  • Maintain effective project management and reporting systems to track and share information about work with all staff.
  • Participate in DAWI staff functions, including giving input on management and governance of the organization.
  • Attend staff meetings, project meetings, supervisorial meetings as needed.
  • Attend and present at relevant field events, build relationships in the field.
  • Take part in regular skills training and professional development opportunities, using professional development budget supplied by DAWI.

Skills and Qualities We Seek


  • Proficiency with any of the following CRM systems is required: CiviCRM, Airtable, Salesforce, or others that use MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft software. Some level of experience with Drupal is strongly preferred.
  • Experience with basic office tools (Microsoft Office Suite, social media platforms and applications, online project management systems, online/remote meeting tools) is required. Facility with new technology is a must.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills are required, particularly the ability to explain technical data and processes to co-workers.
  • Attention to detail, consistency, and a generally meticulous approach to work are required.
  • Remote work is required. You will need to be able to work independently to prioritize and execute day to day tasks, with self-management systems in place.
  • Willingness and ability to constructively share ideas and collaborate with both senior and junior staff is required, as we are a small and highly collaborative team.


  • Statistics background is desired (academic or other professional experience) for future survey work.
  • Experience with data visualization is desired, but not required.
  • Academic training may be helpful, but is in no way required for this position. We care most about your ability to set up and manage systems, think strategically about impact data, and communicate well.
  • We value emotional intelligence, kindness, and sense of humor. Diplomacy, judgment, and discretion are important in this position.
  • Passion for social justice, racial equity, small business, and/or labor organizing, and ability to identify the larger issues at play is strongly desired. Familiarity with or interest in employee ownership and worker cooperatives will be important to cultivate.
  • We are seeking a candidate with at least five years experience doing this kind of work. The ideal applicant will have a decent amount of experience with systems design and improvement, and be able to do and supervise this for DAWI, but will also be willing and able to do the hands-on work of data management and reporting.

About DAWI:

The Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit movement-based think-and-do tank that expands the promise of cooperative business ownership to communities most directly affected by economic, social, and racial inequality. We do research and advocacy; we develop tools and new models; we train worker-owners and developers; and we build cooperative development capacity to ensure that further growth in the worker cooperative movement reaches low-income people, people of color and recent immigrants. In all our work, as well as internal operations, we strive to embody our organizational values of Excellence, Equity, Entrepreneurialism, Collaboration, and Human-Centeredness. We are affiliated with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the national grassroots membership organization. All programs integrate USFWC member input and foreground the experience of worker cooperatives.

About Being on Staff:

Started in 2013, DAWI is a relatively young organization, and all staffers are expected to help build organizational capacity, including organizational processes and documents. A certain amount of travel for all staffers is expected and supported. We are a remote organization with offices in Oakland and New York. This allows us to have staff all over the country, and to create flexible working hours and locations. It can also be challenging for developing systems, getting buy-in for their use, and maintaining consistency of practice —a key part of this job. For this position, we prefer someone who can work out of our New York office, but we will consider strong candidates from all locations. We are open to contractors.

We love our work, and we work hard, but we also strive for work-life balance. We are a tight-knit team with extremely low staff turnover. Full-time staff are eligible for membership in the organization after 6 months of employment. Members are eligible to serve on the board of directors, elect two directors, and participate in the strategic guidance of the organization. A certain amount of travel for all staffers will be expected and supported. Ability and willingness to learn and help improve the technological tools for remote working is also expected.

Notice of Non­discrimination:

Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) is committed to a multi-racial and class-diverse staff that reflects the future of worker cooperatives. Women, people of color and others who may be underrepresented at senior levels of the nonprofit workforce are strongly encouraged to apply. DAWI is committed to equal opportunity for all persons without regard to sex, age, race, color, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation, and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law. It is the policy of DAWI to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding equal opportunity. In keeping with that policy, DAWI is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of unlawful discrimination and harassment. Accordingly, DAWI will not tolerate unlawful discrimination against or harassment of any of our employees or others present at our facilities by anyone, including any supervisor, co­worker, vendor, client, or customer of DAWI.

Compensation and Benefits

$55,000-$70,000 depending on experience. DAWI offers full health benefits coverage for employees, including dental and vision; participation in a 401(k) plan; a generous time off policy; and a professional development budget.

How to Apply

Email a cover letter, resume, and 2-3 paragraph statement of interest and competencies for this particular position to hiring@institute.coop.  Include the subject line “Application for Metrics and Impact Analyst position.”  Deadline for applications: August 5, 2019.