Violence Intervention Program Hiring for 2 Positions (NYC)

Come join the VIP Team! VIP helps undocumented Latina (and other) domestic violence survivors, many of whom are undocumented, safely escape danger and rebuild their lives, by working with government and social service agencies, thereby avoiding any risk to their legal status. When a victim feels as though her safety net is constantly getting shredded, VIP is there to weave together the gaps. Individuals have access to crisis and ongoing professional counseling, focused on addressing their specific circumstances in order to help navigate their way to safety and promote healing. Survivors learn the skills required to meet daily challenges through one-on-one support. They can participate in specialized activities to help recover self-confidence and gain a sense of belonging. In addition, depending on their needs, individuals in crisis have access to safe temporary housing.

  • Solidarity Economy Advocate will build VIP’s capacity to provide participants with educational services in order to help them break the cycle of violence.  The goal of the agency is for each participant; with a primary focus on the BNR participants, to achieve economic self-sufficiency leading them to full, violence free lives.  Supportive services include: educational/vocational workshops, job preparation, attainment and retention, financial planning, health promotion, and leadership development.  The Economic Empowerment Specialist will work collaboratively with VIP’s coordinators, managers and administrative staff to integrate the vision of economic empowerment amongst programs.


  • Housing Justice Advocate will provide program participants with safe, long term housing and supportive services to assist them in becoming self sufficient and free from violence. In addition, the Housing Justice Advocate will provide supportive services that include: counseling, support groups, case management, children’s services, educational/vocational workshops, job preparation, financial planning, health promotion, and leadership development. The goal of this program is for each participant to achieve economic self-sufficiency, educational/vocational attainment and to move them towards permanent housing. 


Violence Intervention Program, Inc.

P.O. Box 1160, Triborough Station

New York, NY 10035

24 Hour Bilingual Hotline # 1-800-664-5880