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Got Questions: Office Hours

Come to Union Co-ops Office Hours! Beginning in 2024!
Third Tuesday of the month: 12pm ET / 9am PT

If you’re looking for advice around how to organize for co-ops within your union, how to organize a union within your co-op, or to chat with other union co-op organizers, this is an informal space for learning and connection. This is free and open to non-USFWC members.

If you’re a union co-op organizer/developer who wants to help out or connect with other organizers/developers supporting union co-op campaigns, we’re considering also hosting a more focused peer learning space. For now, we’ll hold both purposes together at the office hours but if demand gets high for either, we’ll split them up. Get involved and let us know if you’re interested in that too! TA Office Hours sign up here.

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