Students in the News: Brian Fleurantin

Brian Fleurantin is not about to stop talking.
The URB MA graduate candidate has recently been involved in a number of protests and community actions against his employer, Housing Works, which has been accused of unfair labor practices. Along the way, Brian has been quoted in news articles and interviewed on WBAI radio. Here’s Brian in his own words:
“Throughout my time at SLU, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with my colleagues from various professions and learning what it takes to be a better, more effective organizer and advocate. Whether in class or working with my peers on projects outside of campus, SLU has taught me how to build community and achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable. Although our company has stifled our organizing efforts at various points, we’ve managed to persevere and continue doing the work of building community, working to form a union, and making sure every employee there has their voice heard. The work always continues and I’m thankful SLU has been here to help guide me along the way.”