SLU Provides 25 Scholarships for Teachers-to-Be in Shortage Areas Across NYC

Earning a degree and passing multiple teaching certification exams is no easy feat, especially for those who are also working, parenting, and managing all the other responsibilities that come along with adult life. Worker Education at SLU understands how challenging this can be and is honored to support NYC’s hard-working, public-school paraprofessionals through our CUNY-wide LEAP to Teacher program.* We are especially thrilled for the opportunity to provide tuition-assistance scholarships this fall to 25 outstanding teachers-to-be, allowing us to support these individuals in their personal quests while also having a positive impact on the education workforce across multiple teacher shortage areas. Huge congratulations to all our scholarship recipients!

And for those of you who dream of becoming a teacher but are feeling daunted by the process, here’s what Nelly Mateo, LEAP to Teacher master’s student at Lehman College (pictured), has to say: “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Don’t let your fears become another barrier. Challenge yourself and you’ll be a better version of the person who started.”


*LEAP to Teacher (LTT) is a specialized set of support services designed to empower UFT members to become more effective in their schools and more impactful in their communities. The LTT program assists paraprofessionals working with the DOE in pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degree in any field of study, from the pre-admission stage through graduation. Offered at five partnering CUNY campuses. Learn more by visiting us on the web at slu.cuny.edu/LTT.