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New Labor Forum Highlights: Dec. 21, 2015

The New Labor Forum has launched a bi-weekly newsletter on current topics in labor, curated by the some of the most insightful scholars and activists in the labor world today. Check out some highlights from the latest edition below.

The Paris Agreement: More Than Was Expected, But Still Far Less Than Is Required

World leaders have greeted the Paris Agreement on Climate Change as a ‘giant leap for humanity.’  But unions and their allies are concerned that the commitments made by countries do not add up to 2 degrees, let alone 1.5 degrees.  The ‘intended nationally determined contributions’ (or INDCs) set us on course for more thanlfhighlightsn 3 degrees of warming. In fact, most countries have not proposed any emissions reductions at all, but have instead pledged to reduce emissions based on business as usual ‘trajectories.’ 


  1. Video: Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn Speak at December 7th Gathering of Unions and Social Movements
  2. One Million Climate Jobs – A Model for US Labor?
  3. Radicalism Rising and the Limits of the “Inside” Game (Asbjørn Wahl)
  4. Colorado Ballot Initiative for Fair Wages, Environment, & Housing (Sarah Jaffe)
  5. Poem: Juneau Spring By Dorianne Laux
  6. Earth to Labor: Dispatches from the Climate Battleground (Sean Sweeney)

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“Black Lives Matter/Fight For $15: A New Social Movement” Sparks Conversation

On October 19th, the Murphy Institute had a packed house for “Black Lives Matter/Fight For $15: A New Social Movement,” sponsored by the Murphy Institute and the Sidney Hillman Foundation.

The forum panelists highlighted that the growing movements, Black Lives Matter and Fight For $15, share in the struggle for access to justice and equality. These movements not only intersect but recognize that together there is the opportunity to create significant change. Continue reading “Black Lives Matter/Fight For $15: A New Social Movement” Sparks Conversation

Labor, Accountability and Safety in the Global Era

By Karen Judd

At Thursday’s breakfast forum, Decent Wages and Accountability to Workers in the Garment Global Supply Chain, former New York Times Labor Journalist Steven Greenhouse, whose coverage of the Rana Plaza disaster put global sweatshops again on the front page, said: “Overseas sweatshops are the logical result of globalization and the race to the bottom.” He noted that it is shocking that, 114 years after the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, workers – predominantly women — are working in the same incredibly bad conditions, with no fire escapes or sprinklers, with infrequent inspections and with absolutely no voice for workers, concluding: “Things will not improve unless there is greater pressure from consumers and the media.”

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRWhuYVlqS0&feature=youtu.be] Continue reading Labor, Accountability and Safety in the Global Era

Prof. Stephanie Luce Explores the Higher Wages Movement

By Michael Murphy

On April 15, protesters in New York City and across the United States engaged in a coordinated demonstration to highlight the problem of low wages for workers in the fast-food industry. This issue has resonated with workers who have seen their pay diverge in real terms from the cost of living. The “Fight for $15 on 4/15” protests brought workers together with allies in the community and organized labor in what has become a dynamic social movement. Yet the origins of this stark decline in purchasing power for workers can be found several decades ago. Why has this social movement for change emerged in recent years to place higher wages on the local and national political agenda?

In the forthcoming Spring 2015 issue of New Labor Forum, Murphy Institute Professor of Labor Studies Stephanie Luce explores the origins and influence of this movement. Continue reading Prof. Stephanie Luce Explores the Higher Wages Movement

New Issue of New Labor Forum: Battles Over Education and Immigration

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A number of articles in the January 2015 deal with political battles surrounding education:
The issue also provides:
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From all of us at New Labor Forum – have a wonderful 2015!
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Journalists Gather to Discuss Labor and the Elections at Murphy

Last Friday, Sarah Jaffe, Juan Gonzalez, Errol Louis, Michael Hirsch and Ed Ott participated in a panel discussion in front of a packed house here at Murphy. The panelists analyzed the 2014 midterm elections, looking at what happened this time around and discussing the implications for the future.

Miss the Forum? Check out the livestream, embedded below and archived on our new YouTube channel.