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Democracy Now! Seeks News Producer (NYC)

Democracy Now! seeks an experienced producer/journalist to join our team as a News Producer. This person will write headlines, research stories, book guests and help shape editorial content for the newscast and website. They must have impeccable news judgment, be an avid news consumer, thrive in the fast pace of live daily news, be an excellent writer and copyeditor for broadcast and web, have a good eye for editorial visuals and have a passion for Democracy Now! and independent news. They should also have a good sense of humor and work well in a team.

This position includes some shifts starting at 5:30am ET to produce the live broadcast at 8am as well as occasional travel.

Democracy Now! is a non-profit news organization based in NYC. We produce a daily TV & Radio newscast that is carried by nearly 1,400 stations worldwide. Our website, democracynow.org, gets tens of millions of page views annually and we have more than a million followers across social media platforms. Everyone who works at Democracy Now! is committed to creating and distributing high-quality independent news – it’s a great place to work.


  • Write headlines (news briefs) for the daily broadcast
  • Research and pitch stories and headlines
  • Write and edit scripts under deadline
  • Identify, research, book & pre-interview guests
  • Select compelling audio, video and graphics to enhance stories and headlines
  • Provide show briefs to hosts, producers and crew
  • Edit content for web and post stories to website
  • Follow news developments throughout the day
  • Support production of occasional on-air fundraising programs for public TV and radio stations
  • Help maintain editorial calendar
  • Other duties as needed.


  • 3+ years journalism or news producing experience
  • Impeccable news judgment
  • Well acquainted with Democracy Now!
  • Live broadcast news experience strongly preferred
  • Avid global and domestic news consumer
  • Excellent writing and copyediting skills
  • Proven ability to work under tight, high-pressure deadlines
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience with content management systems
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Familiarity with social media
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced news environment
  • Bilingual Spanish/English a plus.

This is a full-time New York City-based position with competitive compensation and a generous benefits package.

Democracy Now! is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, people with disabilities, women and LGBTQ-identified people are encouraged to apply.

To Apply

Applications must be received no later than July 22, 2018. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting July 1, so apply soon for early consideration. To apply, please submit the following. No phone calls.

  • A complete chronological resume, including dates of employment
  • A portfolio link or work sample
  • The names and contact information for two references
  • A cover letter that addresses the following points:
    1. Why are you a good fit for this position?
    2. How did you discover Democracy Now!?
    3. What Democracy Now! story or coverage do you find particularly interesting?


Planned Parenthood Federation of America Seeks Health Media & Digital Officer (NYC)

Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is the nation’s leading women’s health care provider, educator, and advocate, serving women, men, teens and families. For over 100 years, PPFA has done more than any other organization in the United States to improve women’s health and safety, prevent unintended pregnancies, and advance the right and ability of individuals and families to make informed and responsible health care decisions.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) seeks a dynamic and effective Health Media & Digital Officer will help create innovative content and campaigns to support Planned Parenthood initiatives and engage supporters. This individual will also work closely with Planned Parenthood affiliates to identify opportunities to advance PPFA health care and education goals in the media and through digital channels.


    • Develop and implement comprehensive media and digital campaign plans to advance Planned Parenthood’s health care and education goals, including both traditional media and digital outreach and engagement.
    • Draft press releases, statements, op-eds, internal memos, briefings, fact sheets, and other materials that support health and education work; work closely with digital staff to ensure that social media content reflects health campaign goals and tone.
    • Pitch reporters and digital content partners to proactively promote Planned Parenthood, its health and education initiatives, and its positions; respond to inquiries from reporters and content producers.
    • Identify journalists and content platforms to connect more deeply with Planned Parenthood. Maintain contact lists and build relationships with key journalists and content producers at a range of outlets.
    • Work closely with Digital Content and Campaigns teams to plan, manage, and execute health campaigns via web and social media.
    • Coordinate with national staff and coalition partners and other allies to implement shared media and digital campaign goals.
    • Produce or assist with media-related events and trainings; complete other special projects as needed.


    • BA degree preferred, with related college courses or professional training a plus.
    • 4-6 years of work experience, with experience working directly with members of traditional and digital media, including reporters, producers, bloggers, and writers, preferred.
    • Knowledge of online publishing, web content, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram).
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; must write and edit proficiently and quickly.


    • Excellent interpersonal and relationship skills; a team player with the ability to gain buy-in from multiple parties in a collaborative environment.
    • Highly organized and motivated, with the ability to handle multiple “priority” projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
    • Knowledge of communicating with diverse groups, working with a multicultural workforce, sensitivity and appreciation of cultural differences is required.


    • 0-25%
Planned Parenthood Federation of America is an equal employment opportunity employer and is committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment, and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.  Planned Parenthood is committed to creating a dynamic work environment that values diversity and inclusion, respect and integrity, customer focus, and innovation.

NYC Passes Landmark “Freelance Isn’t Free Act”

Gig workers in NYC have had reason to rejoice this week. The Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which protects freelancer workers from wage theft by imposing penalties on businesses that delay or deny payment to their contract workers, was passed by the New York City Council in a unanimous vote last Thursday. The first wage protection act for freelance workers in the country, the act is expected to be signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

From Gothamist:

Under the provisions of the bill, employers will have a 30 day window after a freelancer renders services (or after an agreed-upon date) to make payment in full. They will also be required to provide a written contract to freelancers working on projects for which they will be paid $800 or more.

Freelancers who bring successful litigation against employers in breach of the law will be entitled to double damages as well as attorneys’ fees. Employers will also be prohibited from retaliating against freelancers who seek to enforce their labor rights.


The bill also establishes a formal mechanism for the director of the Department of Consumer Affairs to enforce the labor rights of freelancers who are stiffed by employers.

Photo by monktea via flickr (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Cooperative Business and the State of Higher Education

Cooperative business models are increasingly recognized as an essential element for transforming our economy. But where can you go to learn about them?

In a recent article in the Chronicle Review (Curricular Cop-out on Coops), Nathan Schneider offers a somewhat dispiriting picture of the higher education landscape for cooperative economics. He writes:

Education has been a basic feature of the modern cooperative movement since a group of textile workers established its now-canonical Rochdale Principles in 1844; promoting education is still part of how the International Co-operative Alliance defines cooperative identity.

And yet, MBA and other business-focused programs, while they appear to move increasingly away from profit-only models, mostly avoid mention of anything cooperative. For example, “At Harvard Business School […] Rebecca M. Henderson has written the latest in a decades-long series of Harvard case studies on Mondragon, and she teaches it in her “Reimagining Capitalism” course. As far as she knows, though, that’s the extent of exposure to co-ops available at the school.” Continue reading Cooperative Business and the State of Higher Education

Decolonize This Museum: An Indigenous Peoples’ Day Action

On Monday, residents of cities and states around the country celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day. New Yorkers, meanwhile, observed a holiday with what, for many, is an offensive and outdated name: Columbus Day.

Cities like Seattle, Denver and Phoenix have all renamed the civic holiday in honor of the indigenous people on whose land America was founded, rather than the colonial conqueror who claimed it in the name of Europeans. But New York City has yet to make such a move. For indigenous activists and their allies, this failure is part of a long chain of white supremacist actions, aggressions and traumas, the symbols of which are visible throughout the city.

One such symbol is a 10-foot tall statue in front of the American Museum of Natural History. The statue features Theodore Roosevelt on a horse, flanked on one side by an African man and on the other, an indigenous man: a starkly racist image of a colonialist history. This past Monday, hundreds of activists came together to cover the statue with a parachute and “Decolonize This Place,” demanding both the removal of the statue and the renaming of the holiday. Continue reading Decolonize This Museum: An Indigenous Peoples’ Day Action

UMass Labor Center in Jeopardy

While the Murphy Institute establishes itself as a labor school, the state of labor education nationwide remains perilous. The latest news comes from the Labor Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: with the sudden departure this month of its director Eve Weinbaum, who has said the she was forced out of her position, plus the cutting of funding to the center, the future of the Center is now in question.


An email from Weinbaum before Labor Day expressed dismay at the budget cuts and an appeal to the broader community to organize to ensure that the Center remains open. Since then, alumni and activists have been writing letters and making public appeals to keep funding in place for the Center.

From an article in Labor Notes:

It’s the latest blow in a volley against labor education programs. A 2015 report by Helena Worthen for the United Association for Labor Education found that in recent years, 34 of the 53 programs across the U.S. have either lost staff or outright disappeared.

The report identified right-wing think tanks like the Freedom Foundation and the Mackinac Center as key players in the drive to eliminate these programs, especially at public colleges and universities.

For more about the budget battle at Labor Notes and In These Times.

Photo by sushiesque via flickr (CC-BY-NC)